Monday, 2 July 2012

Donut bun - Tutorial

Hi everyone! Since some of you requested it I made a tutorial for the donut bun :) It was quite fun to make so I hope you like it!
Happy Monday!


Ciao a tutti! Visto che alcuni di voi l'avevano richiesto, ho deciso di fare un tutorial per il donut bun :) mi sono divertita a farlo quindi spero vi piaccia!
Buon lunedì!



1. You'll need a comb, 2 hair ties, a bunch of bobby pins and the donut bun. Mine is from H&M but you can make your own or buy it somewhere else.

2. You can start both with wet or blow dried hair.


1. Vi serviranno un pettine, 2 elastici, una manciata di mollette e il donut bun. Il mio è di H&M ma potete farlo voi o prenderlo da un'altra parte.

2. Potete farlo sia con i capelli asciutti che bagnati.

3. Tie your hair in ponytail. Adjust it at the height you want your bun to be.

3. Fate una coda posizionandola dove volete il vostro bun.

4. Once you've done your ponytail insert the bun.

5. Cover the bun with your hair and secure it with a tie.


4. Una volta fatta la coda, inserite il bun.

5. Coprite il bun con i vostri capelli e fermatelo con un elastico.

6. Now you that you have your bun adjust the hair around it to make it look pretty. As you can see you 'll have some hair left on the bottom part. 

7. Divide the hair in two pieces and twist them. Then wrap them around the bun, hiding the ends.


6. A questo punto avete il vostro bun, aggiustatelo per dargli una forma carina. Come vedete vi rimarrà fuori una ciocca di capelli.

7. Prendete questa ciocca, dividetela in due parti, arrotolatele su loro stesse e avvolgetele intorno al bun nascondendo le estremità.

8. Secure your bun with some bobby pins.

9. Et voilà your donut bun is done!!


8. Fermate il bun con delle mollette.

9. Et voilà il vostro bun è fatto!!


  1. That's beautiful, I'm going to try it!

  2. Bellissimo!!

    Boo di Insane Bazar

  3. Bellissima!!!!!!

  4. I really love how you style the hair, wish i had long hair at this moment :) I hope you can visit my blog some time, if you like it, you can follow and let me know, I always follow back! have a nice day, dear :)

    1. Hi Isabel! Thank you :) I'll check out your blog for sure!!

  5. Vorrei avere i capelli lunghi anche solo per poterci provare!! :))

  6. Hi Chiara :)!
    Great post!
    If you don't mind, I'm your new follower, kisses!

  7. Hi dear:) bcs i love ur blog, i have an award for you! check out this now yaa.

  8. Hi dear, bcs i love ur blog, i have an award for you! check out this now!xx

  9. Lovely DIY:)I have always wanted to do it:) so simple and pretty
    Check out my last DIY:)

  10. aaah i love the donut bun! do you think it's possible with my curly hair? :S

    xx Joelle (it's not cestchiclamode anymore!)

    1. Hi Joelle!! Thanks! Yep you can do it with curly hair as well (mine are not super straight either eheh), it just won't look as "clean" but it is going to be very pretty!!

  11. sei geniale!!! complimenti! un bacione cara!

  12. Replies
    1. eheh sì è facile e davvero carino!! :)

  13. Beautiful post!
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    1. Hi Cris! Thanks a lot! I'd check out your blog for sure!!

  15. Thanks for the tutorial - I have been wondering how to do this!

  16. fabulous tutorial. i wear buns quite often... and this is really cute.

  17. thnk u so much for this post...
    I was always wondering how to use.. this bun!
    very useful
    u got one more follower ;-)

    xxx Ros.e.

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