Monday, 6 February 2012

Paul & Joe

I love Paul & Joe make up collection! The kitty inspired design is lovely and the packaging is to die for! I'll probably feel guilty using something so cute and I'll leave the products just for display to avoid ruining them XD
Have a nice Monday!


Adoro la collezione di trucchi di Paul & Joe! Il tema dei gatti per il design è delizioso e le confezioni sono adorabili! Probabilmente mi sentirei in colpa ad usare prodotti così carini e li lascerei li per paura di rovinare il disegno XD
Buon lunedì!



  Blush in stick

 Eye shadow




  1. wow, thanks for introducing me to this make-up line - so cute! xx

  2. Cute makeup!

  3. hey, c! how are you?

    you're so sweet to leave a sweet msg. :) i always enjoy your sweet comments and i enjoy visiting here. :)

    paul and joe makeup is soooo cute! i've never seen the products here in the states... but i love it so much already... even though i've never tried it. my daughter would love it. :)

    have a great rest of the wk!

  4. Che carinooooo e poi io adoro i gatti :)

  5. @Paula: I'm glad :) thanks!

    @t: thank you ^^

    @❤AdamAlexMommy❤: I'm great Jasmine thanks! You're super sweet too! I'm glad we met eachother through our blogs :D

    @FashionGland: grazie ;)